Website Design and Development

Is your website driving traffic and quotes and sales?

Agile specializes in website design and development solutions for small and medium sized companies. While we service many industries and types of companies, our bread and butter is in manufacturing, service and distribution firms. You only get to make a first impression once. If a key prospects finds your site today, what is his impression of your firm. What can he learn about your products and services? Will he feel compelled to call or email you? If not, you need to talk with us.

The purpose of a website is to be available to potential customers in their time of need. Can your company currently be found when your product is typed into a search engine? In most cases the answer is no. Today, the Internet is the front lines of sourcing and information gathering. Where else do they go? Print?. No. We go to the web and mainly to Google.

The structure or architecture of a website can make a world of difference in, not only being found by spiders, but in converting visitors to buyers. Not only is it important to be found by the search engines, but you want your visitors to have a welcoming experience by offering them content rich information and clear paths in finding what they are looking for.

Our solutions include:

  • web page development
  • website promotion
  • custom programming
  • domain registration and hosting
  • product configurators
  • e-commerce solutions
  • content management solutions

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