Link Building


No Seo campaign can be successful without a strategy to build powerful meaningful inbound links from well ranked websites. Without one, it is almost impossible to rank for competitive search terms. All the on page criteria is rendered so much less effective without quality links. While no one likes to talk about link building and even less people truly know HOW to build links for a particular industry, without links it is impossible to achieve or maintain any type of serious ranking on the major engines.

The steps in a link building campaign:

  • Identify how many unique domains are linking to a page, sub-domain, or to your entire website
  • Analyze your competitors to see what they’re doing successfully and how you can emulate their success
  • Judge the quality of potential links to your site
  • Find specific link acquisition targets
  • Measure the success of viral marketing and link bait campaigns
  • Establish ways to balance links between blogs, news, directories and articles
  • Ensure you have a combination of .com, .org and .edu links

    Ways to Build Links

  • Find specific link acquisition targets
  • Analyze competitors links
  • Measure the success of viral marketing and link bait campaigns
  • Developing Authority & Being Easy to Link To
  • Submit to Directories
  • Publish articles
  • Submit Press Releases
  • Become a guest blogger
  • Submit reviews
  • Local links
  • Schools. colleges
  • Chamber of commerce
  • Trade show listings, conferences, etc. Link building is the ditch digging of your campaign. Not fun, not sexy, boring, laborious, time consuming….fun fun fun. But it is absolutely necessary to be successful. Need help? Need ideas? Call us today.

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