Call Tracking

Many of our clients do not sell a standard product but instead they are a custom manufacturer. Tracking where leads start and how they evolve is often a tricky proposition. Sometimes a prospect will want to pick up the phone and call instead of filling out a form or emailing. Or his need may be urgent and he wants a quick answer. As good as Web analytics are these days, once a prospect leaves the site or picks up the phone, standard tracking does not work.

For companies who want to verify who is calling via the website, we have a number of solutions. We can institute a simple call tracking phone number on your website which will isolate those who found you online. Or we can install robust solutions that will isolate and record calls from each different referrer on your site and even breakdown those calls by keyword.

We can track phone calls to tell you:

  • Name of company that called
  • How they found your site
  • Keyword they used
  • Search engine or referrer
  • Record call and hear what type of experience they had

So whether your tracking needs are simple or complex, we can help tailor and install a solution that is right for you and your budget. Call us today to discuss  your needs.

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