Website Analytics

Tracking Analytics

You can not manage what you can’t measure. And if you are going to spend your marketing dollars you need to know what is working…or not working.

So when it comes to  websites, you don’t need guesswork and conjecture. You need:

  • Quantifiable results
  • Real live time actionable data
  • What efforts are working and turning into orders and profits
  • Information that helps you develop more initiatives that work and how to fix the ones that don’t

We will employ the most up to date and  reliable Web site tracking tools to:

  • Know exactly what companies are visiting your website
  • What keywords or keyword phrases led them to your site
  • break traffic down by search engines and directories
  • Compile historical data and sort by any custom date
  • Monitor visitor activity, including pages viewed, time visited, and length of time on the site

If it moves on your site, we can track it. Call us today to help shed light on your website.

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