Insiders Guide to Industrial Directories

As an Internet marketing firm concentrating on the  Industrial market, we are often asked:

Does Thomasnet work?

Is GlobalSpec worth the money?

Are directories still relevant in the age of Google and Social media?

How do I measure effectiveness of my marketing dollars with Industrial sites?

Is Pay per click better than ThomasNet?

With so many choices out there today, how do I determine what will work?

All of these are valid  questions and not easily answered in the ever changing landscape.


With the advent of the Internet, traditional print directories and Yellow Pages have gone through dramatic changes. Sourcing industrial products and suppliers, is radically different today than it was 10 years ago.


Much like the Yellow Pages, Industrial directories have also changed from their traditional print position and new online only directories have sprung up in the last 10 years. Today, industrial marketers are faced with a myriad of possibilities and options. How does today’s marketing department decide which directory or  niche B2B site is right for them?  With so many options available, it is very costly and difficult locating and securing position in multiple directories.


This is why we have prepared the  “Insiders Guide to Industrial Directories.”  This guide will illuminate and illustrate the strength and weakness of all of the major industrial directories on the Internet today. The guide highlights:


Cost for Average Marketing Program

Estimated Site Traffic

Source of Traffic

Site Demographics

Value of Inbound Links

History of Directory

Insiders View


We are unique having either worked directly for or with, each of these industrial sourcing sites. We have direct experience in how  the directories work from the inside, as well as measuring the effectiveness of the programs of our clients who advertise in each of these directories. The guide will assist sales and marketing professionals in choosing the right vehicle for them, and avoiding the pitfalls and wasted marketing dollars of choosing the wrong directory or program.


This week we will start out first installment as we look at the big gandaddy of all Industrial Directories….. Does ThomasNet Work? Is ThomasNet worth the money?

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