Insiders Guide to Industrial Directories – “The Other Ones”

So far we have reviewed ThomasNet, GlobalSpec and Zycon. In our last installment we will look at some of the other smaller players in this market.


IQS “Industrial Quick Search” 

IQS   ( was started in 2000 by a former representative of Thomas Register. The company has built a large number of Directory listings with 5 advertisers listed on the first page. By scrolling over the name of each company you would get a thumb shot preview of each site, They filed a patent for this technology back in 2003.




The site offers premium listings where 5 companies appear on the first page. Standard pricing for this has been $2,000 per year depending on the heading.  Companies can be listed on Page 2 for $499 for Top listing or $199 for regular listing.

The links on IQS are no follow links. They also publish press releases as well.



MacRAE’S Blue Book 


MacRAES Blue Book ( has been around since 1893. The company claims Information on over 1,200,000 North American industrial companies with more than 2 million product listings indexed under more than 50,000 product headings. They also state they see more than 200,000 visitors a month.

Programs start at $1088 annually for 15 headings and up to about $5,000 for 200 headings. A complete rate card can be found here.

Insiders Tip

MacRAES seems to have disappeared from the search engines and it is hard to determine where their traffic is coming from

The site is loaded with banner ads and Google AdSense ads. The search results pages are just loaded with multiple ads and links so while you are paying to be listed, the company is profiting from Google on the same page.


Power Sourcing

Completely outdated requiring registration. Worth checking out for inbound links but that is it.

The Industrial Resource Network of Buyers and Suppliers


Process Register

Costs range from $600 to $1300 for an annual program. Links are follow links but traffic is not very substantial. Program details below

process register


There are many many other small sites or specific Directory’s for niche markets. If you feel we have left out any major players in this space please feel free to add a comment or drop us a line at

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