Industrial SEO Success Story

Prospects often ask us…”What Can You Do For Us?”…which is a very fair question. While it is impossible to predict results in the tumultuous SEO world, it is always easy to analyze results. After finishing a client review, I thought I would share what is often a typical success story. Here are the highlights from one of our new clients in 2012.



Company – Major National Laser and Welding Services Firm

Objective – Obtain Page 1 Ranking for 10 key terms, increase RFQ’s, adjust other online  marketing investments.


  • Achieved  Page 1 rankings in Top 3 positions in 8 of 10 keywords
  • Organic traffic increased 55% in first year.
  • RFQ’s increased 44%
  • Decreased Industrial Directory spending by $15,000 while increasing RFQ’s
  • Decreased bounce rate by 12% with more qualified traffic
  • Improved tracking and origins of RFQ’s

In summary, we greatly increased quality RFQ’s while eliminating wasteful spending on other ineffective online spending.

Every client and every challenge is different, but if you are an Industrial firm, we can make you more effective and successful online. Call us today to discuss your challenges.

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